Revolutionize your language learning in 6 months!

  • One-on-one live session in French (one hour) + a daily message in French on Whatsapp to practice every day and receive my feedback: 60€ per week
  • Or join the Montessori language school for 6 months: 1600€

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Stop wasting the hours you're putting into learning French or English! 🇫🇷

You’ve been learning French or English for two, three, four years, and you still can’t speak the language fluently. 

You’re tired of taking classes.

You’re learning it the same way you were taught it at school.

You spend hours doing boring grammar exercises, talking to a teacher or in a group, and practicing on an app.

Even after all that, you struggle to see any real progress, and you find yourself wondering how many years it will take to master French/English and finally feel confident when you speak to people.

Stop learning a language the traditional way!

Everyone has the ability to speak a language fluently. 🧠
I want to help you achieve that. 💪

As a learner who wants to see real results, you need a way to know for certain that you are making progress! Every minute you spend learning French/English should bring you closer to achieving your goal.


My method is deeply rooted in proven neuroscientific principles, and easily adapts to your individual interests and needs.

This method is for you if :

📌 You’re a beginner or at an intermediate level

📌 You are looking for a method that is fun and effective

📌 You want to read, write, and speak French/English fluently within six months

📌 You want to feel confident when expressing yourself in French/English


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Psst... I've been where you are.

I went from “I’m Afraid To Speak English” To ”I’m fluent!” and from « a Stuttering English speaker » to « a confident one ». (It had a huge impact on my life!)


By creating an English environment at home! By enjoying the process! By taking back control of my learning!

It’s the simple language method I love to teach because it allows you to dream bigger and to unlock more joy, personal power and feel rich in all areas of life!

I’ve served a lot of French learners and English learners at the Montessori Language School for the past few years.

Want to find out how your experience and expertise fit into this equation?

You have two options:

  • One-on-one live session in French (one hour) + a daily message in French on Whatsapp to practice every day and receive my feedback : 60€ per week
  • Joining the Montessori language school for 6 months : 1600€