Master French with the Montessori Method

Start speaking French confidently with a proven 6-month roadmap to success! 🇫🇷

I think I know why

You Can't Speak French Fluently​

🇫🇷 You’ve been dedicating countless hours to French classes, yet there’s still a looming sense that it might take another 5 years to express yourself fluently in French


🇫🇷 You don’t like your accent


🇫🇷 You don’t feel confident when you want to express yourself


One of the main problems

The Problem Lies in How French is Taught 👩🏻‍🏫

You’re diligent in class, but progress seems to elude you. Let me tell you the truth: the issue lies with the teachers!

🧑🏻‍🏫 Most of them grew up in a traditional education system and experienced traditional teacher training. Naturally, they then teach you French in a traditional manner. But something essential is missing in their classes and approach!

🧠 First, they are not trained in neuroscience. They don’t understand how your brain works. It’s like trying to learn to ride a bike with a flat tire and a loose chain!

Traditional teachers guide you for an hour, and that’s it! They might give you exercises to do at home, but do you really want to relive the student status of your 12-year-old self? 👧🏼

They hold the control, which doesn’t help you explore resources you enjoy, use them effectively, or form new habits.

The teachers aren’t to blame. After all, this is what they experienced as students, and in their training.

👵🏼 Second, they’ve never experienced Montessori pedagogy. Most of them have never heard of it, or they have a very superficial knowledge.

The roles are clear-cut: they are the teacher, and you are the student.

They want to maintain control of your learning to keep you as a student for as long as possible, probably because they don’t know how to help you regain control of your learning!

🚀 It’s time to discover how to tailor-make your own French-speaking environment!

And have fun! Enthusiasm is the fertilizer of the brain!

If you know what to do, if you enjoy doing it and if you actually  do it, you will improve!

Montessori isn't just for children!

What's Different with the Montessori Language Coaching Program?

 My goal is to help you regain control of your French learning! 🎯

In 6 months you’ll know how to learn French efficiently, and then you won’t need me anymore! You’ll have your language partner to keep improving. 
Of course, I’ll always be here for you if you want to continue our journey, but after 6 months you’ll be able to continue your learning independently!

I’m not offering you the traditional weekly French class. 📖

I’m not the teacher, and you’re not a student. I’m a Montessori teacher, and you’re a learner. And that distinction makes all the difference.

I’ll show you how to choose your own resources, decide on topics that excite you, check a grammar point when needed, develop a growth mindset, develop your self-discipline, and create new habits.

I’ll also match you with a French native speaker because practicing with a native speaker is one of the strongest advantages of the program. 👩🏼‍🦳👨🏽

Let me help you regain control of your learning and speak French confidently! 🇫🇷

A French native teacher

I am Céline, your trainer, founder of the Montessori language coaching program

After more than 20 years of experience in education, a college degree in Neuroeducation, and having seen this method work in my own life to teach me English…

Today, I focus all my energy and expertise on the transmission of a method that is revolutionizing language learning.

It is with passion, enthusiasm, and benevolence that I pass on to you this Art that I myself have experienced and optimized over many years.

The French and English speakers I accompany quickly become able to:

  • Read articles and books 📚
  • Write ✍🏻
  • Watch videos and TV series 👩‍💻
  • Listen to podcasts 🎧
  • Speak confidently 🗣


You test the method, you are enthusiastic, you exchange with a native speaker, you make progress and therefore of course, you are motivated. Because your success drives your motivation!

The Montessori Method for Languages

The Method + Access to the Community of French Speakers

Are you ready to speak French fluently so you can unlock more joy, personal power and feel rich in ALL areas of life?

Learning with me to master a method that trains and prepares you to acquire any language costs $1916 USD, and £1553 GBP, and you’ll have the keys to guaranteed lifelong autonomy.

Do you want to stack the odds in your favor?
Let’s talk about it, no strings attached!

Forget school methods!

Here’s what you won’t find:

The Montessori Method

Here’s what will develop your autonomy to acquire French on your own:


Build confidence speaking French with me, and later with your language partner, achieving fluency along the way.


Creating and practicing flashcards is excellent for memory. I will guide you through this process. 


The opportunity to immerse yourself in a French environment by listening to and reading resources you love!

A Native Speaker in your Pocket

Consistency is key! Send me a daily sentence on Whatsapp to receive my feedback on your pronunciation, your grammar, etc…and after 10 weeks, keep going with your language partner.

The recipe for success

The Method is Based on 4 Fundamental Pilars

The opportunity to revolutionize your French language journey is just a click away!
Are you ready to embark? 🚀

Why he decided to join the Montessori Language Coaching Program

Bruce's testimonial

"I have a sense of confidence that you trust that I will be able to do it. I can feel that."

A Concept Dear to My Heart

Accountability - the essential ingredient

Here’s an illustration of this concept, which is very dear to my heart for language learning.

When it comes to meeting with your language partner, the concept of accountability will help you show up every week!

🎯 You have dozens of exciting things to share with your language partner!

🎯 You love your meaningful conversations!

🎯 You joyfully nurture your social connections!

🎯 Your partner needs your help to be able to make rapid progress in English!

🎯 You don’t want the risk of your dynamic partnership coming to an end!

That’s an illustration of the concept of accountability! 🤝

So, do you think you’ll have more chance of becoming fluent by taking classes? Or by practicing on an app? Or by interacting with a human being who shares your interests?

Don’t miss your chance to befriend a French speaker who is deeply involved in learning English.

In addition to engaging with your language partner starting from the 4th session, you’re also working with me! 👩

I’m your « accountability partner »!

Every week, you share your progress with me! Hand in hand, you create good habits to become a fulfilled French speaker.

In 6 Months You Will Learn to Acquire a Language by Applying both Neuroeducational and Montessori Principles

On Your Way to Success 💪

The First 4 Weeks: Building Solid Foundations to Acquire French

The Next 4 Weeks: On the Path to Speaking Fluently and Confidently

The final 2 sessions: One Month Later and Three Months Later

Plus you’ll be backed by a 180-day “try it, test it, apply it” money back guarantee

If you’re on the fence… Or if other trainings have left you skeptical… Then I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put this method into action and experience how easy and exciting it can actually be to speak French confidently.


I’m SO confident that if you implement what I’m going to teach you during the Montessori language coaching program, you’ll become unstoppable!


The only thing you have to do is suspend your disbelief and give it a chance.

Fast-track Your French

Because learning a language is a real major accomplishment in one’s life. It is essential to put all the assets on your side now.
I offer you 15 minutes to allow you to test, mature, and make the choice to embark on this adventure. It is without commitment, and it is offered willingly!