FluentExpat: The Montessori Method for Languages

Master French in 6 months to confidently expatriate to a French-speaking country, fulfill your dream or boost your career!

With only 6 months of coaching, you will go from “I’m afraid to speak French,” to ”I’m on the road to fluency.”

6 months one-on-one coaching

You will go from “I'm afraid to speak French,” to ”I’m on the road to fluency.”

📌 Better integrate into your expat country

📌 Secure your dream job in France

📌 Establish exciting and vital relationships for your future adventures

📌 Fulfill your need for belonging, esteem, and accomplishment


The FluentExpat method helps you gain confidence in speaking French so that you feel at home in your expat country and job.


I will spend 30 minutes with you, completely free, to answer your questions and guide you to success.

Do you Have Fond Memories of Learning French at school?

School didn't teach you how to learn French!

I have three questions for you:

1️⃣ Do you have bad memories of your French classes at school?

2️⃣ Does the idea of falling back into a boring school method make you pull your hair out?

3️⃣ Did you ever want to say, « Forget textbooks! » back then?

If you answer YES, you’re ready to learn more about the power of the FluentExpat method, an innovative, anti-school approach to unlock your full expat potential.

School didn’t teach you how to learn French! 🧠

You left the school system without becoming bilingual, but the problem isn’t with you!

School didn’t teach you how to learn, make choices, develop intrinsic motivation (from within), or build self-discipline.
I have good news, though! You can learn it! And it’s not too late!

All adults who want to get back to French have the same reflex: taking French classes! 🧑‍🏫

It’s not surprising, since we spent about twenty years in the school system taking classes.
You might still think that to make progress in French, you need a school method with grammar exercises.

Some people choose a teacher on a platform, while others go through an organization.
They pay a minimum of €30 per hour for a one-hour lesson each week. It will take them months or even years to make progress at that rate! Not to mention the financial cost. Some opt for group sessions to reduce the financial burden.

By interacting in a group with other English native speakers 👬👭, they risk:

❌ Reinforcing the mistakes of less experienced English native speakers

❌ Getting frustrated if others make more mistakes

❌ Getting frustrated if others need more time

❌ Continuing to make the same mistakes

In short, wasting their time! Forget individual lessons and group sessions with other English native speakers, and interact with a trained native speaker who is 100% there for you! 👩🏼‍🦰


With the FluentExpat Method

How Can You Go From a Stuttering English speaker to a Confident One Without Paying for Lessons?

Travel every week before your departure, without taking a flight! 🇺🇸

How is this possible? By doing a language exchange with a native speaker who is looking to improve their English.

These are French members of the FluentExpat community who are planning to move to an English-speaking country, or already live in one; they need to improve their English for the same reasons you need to improve your French.

Speak to your native-speaker language partner every week to:

📌 Build and enrich your network and satisfy your natural need for human connection

📌 Discover the culture of the country you’re moving to

📌 Have a meaningful and fruitful experience

📌 Make remarkable progress in French with incredible ease

📌 Feel helpful by assisting a French speaker who is expatriating to an English-speaking country just as you’re moving to a French-speaking one

Plus, as a bonus, you avoid spending too much money before your expatriation. And, most importantly, you avoid falling into a teacher-student relationship that’s often limiting.

Because finding an ideal language partner and creating highly effective exchanges with success-boosting results requires special skills, the FluentExpat method, easy to use and 100% online, is here to help you acquire the essential skills in record time, even before your departure!

1️⃣ You share your goals with me in a 30-minute call.

2️⃣ If your goals are realistic and we click, I’ll guide you toward achieving your dreams.

3️⃣ We work together for 10 sessions over several months.

4️⃣ You enjoy your expatriation 100%.



Having a native speaker by your side costs less than paying a teacher for a year and subscribing to a monthly app, and it’s much more effective!


By becoming a FluentExpat:

🧠 You learn to effectively apply targeted neuroeducational principles.

🎯 You improve your pronunciation, conjugation, and grammar through quality feedback.

👨🏻‍🦰 You develop a dynamic growth mindset.


As an added bonus, you create an exciting and motivating friendship with your language partner, and you can take pride in contributing to their progress in English.

Céline Guerreiro

Language coach for adults

The building community

French native speakers and English native speakers

To speak French or English fluently

The FluentExpat community

I'm Céline, your language coach, and I’m fluent in English thanks to this method

How Can I Claim That You Will Go From "I'm afraid to speak French" to "I speak French fluently with confidence"?

After more than 20 years of experience in education, my Montessori background, a one-year certificate in Neuroeducation, and extensive experience with my English method… 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

Today, I dedicate all my energy and expertise to sharing a method that revolutionizes language learning.

The French and English speakers I accompany quickly become able to:

📌 Heal childhood wounds related to language learning to regain confidence and unlock their full potential

📌 Understand how their brain works to make informed choices and select the best learning strategies

📌 Regain control over their learning to build autonomy and establish new habits

📌 Reignite the spark of discovery, extinguished by traditional school methods, to find pleasure in learning

Here’s how it works: you test the method, you’re enthusiastic, you exchange with a native speaker, you create a French-speaking environment at home, you make progress, and, of course, you stay motivated. Because your success fuels your motivation!

I’m not a French or English teacher! I’m a trainer and coach!

The Montessori Method for Languages

The FluentExpat Method + Access to the Community of French and English Speakers

Living the life of your dreams in your expat country with complete confidence… yes, it’s possible by becoming a « FluentExpat. » 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦


Learning with me to master a method that trains and prepares you to acquire any language costs 1684$ or 1400 GBP, and you’ll have the keys to guaranteed lifelong autonomy.

Do you want to stack the odds in your favor?
Let’s talk about it, no strings attached!

Forget school methods!

Here’s what you won’t find:

The Montessori Method

Here’s what will develop your autonomy to acquire French on your own:

What Do We Do During the 10 Coaching sessions?

You Learn to Acquire a Language by Applying Neuroeducational Principles and Montessori Principles 🧠

You learn to improve your pronunciation to be understood by French speakers

You improve your listening comprehension (with or without written support) to understand native and non-native speakers

You gain confidence to speak up

You learn to accept your mistakes to reach the next level

You learn to be a good language partner for a mutually beneficial partnership

You learn to use the feedback you receive from your language partner to make progress

You learn to choose French resources that suit your level and interests for progress and enjoyment

You learn to develop self-discipline to make long-term progress

You learn to create a French-speaking environment at home to immerse yourself before your departure

My language partner for 3 years

Paulette's testimonial

« A language partner is the essential bridge between traditional study and real fluency. There’s simply no substitute for a friendly native French speaker who takes the time to listen, gently correct your mistakes, and help you develop a confident and natural-sounding French conversational style.

A language exchange fits easily into a busy routine (one hour of conversation a week, plus five minutes a day to exchange sentences on WhatsApp) while also massively boosting your progress.
My language exchange with Céline has been like a language laboratory where I can practice conversing about any topic in a supportive environment and try out new expressions I’ve learned to make sure I’m using them correctly.
Céline always offers kind and constructive feedback on my pronunciation and sentence structure, and there’s no judgement, because she understands the challenges of learning a language.

Also, it may sound strange, but I learn a lot about French from helping Céline improve her English; seeing firsthand the assumptions a native French speaker makes about how to express certain ideas in English has helped me develop a better understanding of the French way of saying things.

As a plus, I learn a lot about French culture and daily life from our exchanges.

All in all, it’s a wonderful way to use the power of social connection as a transformative learning tool.

I recommend it to anyone who feels stuck in French and isn’t sure how to go from “I know how to say a few things” to “I speak French. »

I match you with a French speaker, a native who is learning English

Tinder: 55 Billion Matches! What Does This Have To Do With FluentExpat?

Tinder and Meetic allow you to make romantic connections. FluentExpat allows you to find your ideal language partner!

What does that mean?

Because we are social beings (it’s proven), being part of a community is the key to successful integration.

Yes, you too have a visceral need to connect with other human beings.
As an expat, it’s so much easier when these humans share your values and interests….
With FluentExpat, your community includes all the French speakers I have carefully selected and trained.

You’ll use your language to communicate, it’s as simple as that!

You dream of immersing yourself in a French-speaking culture for the best adventure of your life.

You can quickly acquire these skills with a little help.


Efficiency + Enjoyment

By Becoming a FluentExpat

You choose to move forward with people who share your passions, lifestyle, and values.

You build stronger and deeper connections to go beyond the typical "expat group."

You break down the language barrier with confidence and mastery to discuss topics that excite you and your language partner.

You give yourself the chance to stack the odds in your favor to become the best version of yourself.

You become a high-performing language partner and create a long-lasting relationship through a mutually beneficial exchange.

You develop autonomy to learn how to learn French while enjoying the process.

A Concept Dear to My Heart

Have You Ever Heard of "Accountability"?

Here’s an illustration of this concept, which is very dear to my heart for language learning.

When it comes to meeting with your language partner, the concept of accountability will help you show up every week!

🎯 You want to take advantage of this golden opportunity to make progress in French!

🎯 You have dozens of exciting things to share with your language partner!

🎯 You love your meaningful conversations!

🎯 You joyfully nurture your social connections!

🎯 Your partner needs you to make rapid progress in English!

🎯 You don’t want the risk of your dynamic partnership coming to an end!

That’s an illustration of the concept of accountability! 🤝

So, do you think you’ll become fluent by taking classes? Or by practicing on an app? Or by interacting with a human being who shares your interests?

Don’t miss your chance to befriend a French speaker who is deeply involved in learning English.

During the 10 coaching sessions, in addition to engaging with your language partner starting from the 4th session, you’re also working with me! 👩

I’m your « accountability partner »!

Every week, you share your progress with me! Hand in hand, you create good habits to become a fulfilled FluentExpat.

A member of the FluentExpat community

Bruce's Testimonial, at the start and upon arrival

In 6 months

On Your Way to Success

The First 4 Weeks: Building Solid Foundations to Acquire French

The Next 4 Weeks: On the Path to Speaking Fluently and Confidently

The final 2 sessions, One Month Later and Three Months Later

Speak French fluently!

Because speaking French is a major achievement in one's life, it's essential to stack the odds in your favor from now on.